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2012-02-04 - AlexB's Arda is now public! Better hires and more!

AlexB has just released his Arda project which perfects ra95-hires in every possible way and fixes more bugs.

It was fun, thanks to everyone for your continued interest in ra95-hires!

Note: Do not use Arda 0.1 in CnCNet! It will cause "out of sync" problems with players who don't run Arda.

2011-08-23 - Project officially abandoned in favor of 3.04

My work on the ra95-hires helped Hyper to finally add actual hires support to upcoming 3.04 so this project is now officially abandoned. Expect no releases until Hyper does. I will make a news post here when 3.04 with hires is available!

2011-07-23 - WHY Y U NO RELEASE!?

Been busy with other things, the actual game runs fine and everything else is purely cosmetical. Most of the position issues are already solved and the rest is just reading a lot of code and doing lot of trial and error. Will make a release "soon", honest!

2011-06-18 - U got freezing?

If you are NOT using cnc-ddraw, remember to set the compatibility settings for the launcher too (ra95-hires-whatever.exe) so that the game doesn't freeze on multi core CPU.

The freezing itself is not because of the high res patch, just that the launcher needs the compatibility settings and not the game exe.

2011-06-16 - Alpha 2 released!

Fixes the scrolling bug, though it behaves a bit oddly in widescreen, need some adjustment.

The source is also now available.

2011-06-14 - Hyper lives!

Hyper started work towards fixing some of the bugs listed on this page. Stay VERY tuned! (apparently not)

According to some sources, the source code for Red Alert would've been used to make this patch. I'm clearing this up: NO, there was no source release. All that was used was OllyDbg (a great debugger, works on Wine too!) and Hyper's RA function/method database he gathered from some slipped debug release (2.00 or something).

2011-06-12 - Happy birthday... to me!

Yay, my 22th birthday! What a great occasion to release the high resolution patch for RA. Took me around 1,5 days to make it work well. Now go play!


ra95-hires is a launcher for Red Alert 3.03+ which enables custom high resolutions. I would recommend cnc-ddraw but it has the perky cursor bug so I won't.

Also: Hi, I'm hifi. I made this. I can be found from the CnCNet IRC channel or contacted by mail (address at the bottom of this page). Comments and suggestions welcome.

Note: This project is still a work in progress! It might crash or do other undesirable things at the moment. Also it will NEVER be perfect!

Known bugs, bold = major (actually looks crap):

Known bugs that are less likely to be fixed:



Red Alert @ 1280x720 (the screenshot does not represent my playing skills, lol)
A video recorded by Tore of Red Alert game in CnCNet @ 1280x720


Latest development snapshot: ra95-303-hires-launcher-alpha2.exe
Source: https://github.com/hifi/ra95-hires


The launcher defaults to 1024x768 and accepts two parameters, -w and -h. Now your job is to figure out how they work.


My affiliate, the Command & Conquer Communications Center has a community forum which is a great place to meet new people, arrange games and get help with anything C&C, RA, cnc-ddraw or the high resolution patch related! There is also the CnCNet IRC channel for those who like to chat.

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