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I don't get anything for what I do and everything is released as open source so anyone can continue and hack on my code. But if you like what I do or want to sponsor some particular feature (ask first) I do accept donations!


2011-10-16 - Project abandoned

It was a fun hack but doesn't really have a future. Sorry.

2011-08-28 - Finally live!

Ok, time to release! The demo is now up.

It only works on 32 bit Firefox and Chrome on Windows currently.


cnc-plugin is a browser plugin for all NPAPI supporting browsers to encapsulate a cnc-ddraw supported game in any web page.

The plugin ONLY works on Windows and with 32-bit browsers (currently). 64-bit support might be possible to add at some point.

Also: Hi, I'm hifi. I made this. I can be found from the CnCNet IRC channel or contacted by mail (address at the bottom of this page). Comments and suggestions welcome.

Note: This project is still a work in progress! It might crash or do other undesirable things at the moment.


Multiple games running at the same time is not currently supported or planned.



Use the demo page for testing and downloading the end user version.

Source: cnc-plugin @ github

Coming soon... or not?

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